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Whether you're interested in Instagram foodies, fashionistas, comics, athletes, animals, or traveling the world, Smokeshow is an app you need to have!

Smokeshow is the only way to discover the top 100 most interesting Instagram accounts locally and worldwide.

The profiles of two Instagram users will appear allowing you to select the profile that interests you. This selection will be recorded anonymously. If a profile is selected enough times, it may appear on the local top-100 rankings or even the top-100 rankings worldwide. You may also add any profiles you are interested in to your personal "My Smokeshow" page that is only viewable by you. As well, you can copy any user's social media handles to easily follow them on Instagram Snapchat and/or Twitter .

Smokeshow is entertaining, fun, and best of all, free to download. Making an account is easy and only takes a few seconds to set up. Everyone on Smokeshow is real and verified through Facebook. It is a great app for men and women to check out the local scene no matter their location.

Now it's up to you, get on and try it out! Where there's smoke... there's fire!